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Corporate Jobs
Partners/Company/Organization Position
ADC Films

"Alien Encounters - Superior Fanpower since 1979" (feature HD documentory by Andrew David Clarke about the fans of the movie "Aliens")

audio mix & additional sound design
ZCZ Films

"Manet" (part of a TV documentory about the painter Edouard Manet on behalf of and for the BBC)

sound recordist
Hermann Scherm Filmproduktion

"Viterio" (better health advisory video for the internet on behalf of the Viterio inernet health portal based in Munich)

sound recordist
Mostra Communication

"10 Years of Monetary Union - BC 6972" [The EURO]

(corporate jubilee documentory for the internet on behalf of the "European Commission")

sound recordist
Roland Millman / Bright Screen Productions / Millman Films

(corporate commercial video on behalf of "The Home Shopping Network" in the US)

sound recordist
Team Media Production

(corporate training video on behalf of the Body Shop)

sound recordist
Linzy Attenborough / Thought Juice Films

"Welcome to Norwich Union"

(corporate video for the internet on behalf of Nowich Union)

sound recordist
Rhubba Productions "Landlord Pal"

(corporate pilot video for DVD handout to tennants)

sound recordist
Securitel TV for "Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst" (german

equivalent to "Crimewatch UK" - 2 episodes in 2007)

sound assistant / boom op
Voodoo Creative Partners "Q-Tel Asian Games Signations"

TV-advertisement on behalf of "Q-Tel" in 2006

sound recordist
"Bavarian Broadcast TV" outside Broadcast shoot technician
"Positive/Oval Films" on behalf

of "Discovery Channel"

sound recordist

& interpreter English/German

"DAT-Studios Ltd." on behalf

of "20th Century Fox"

studio-assistant dubbing engineer

for Pro Tools

"Silver Road Studios"

(nowadays: "Waterfall Studios")

runner & sound studio assistant

for voiceovers

Radio-Station "W10-FM" standby technician

& radio-jingle-production

Radio-Station standby technician

& radio-jingle-production

"Panico Studios" London Soho after "Foundation Course" teaching

2-machine video-edit on BETA-SP

"Massive Videos"/ volunteering as technical rigger

for the first film festival