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Oval Films/Positive Ltd.

Positive Ltd./Oval Films camera crew in Swizerland (fr. l. David Hatter;director, Chris Tritschler;camera, Claus Zingler)

- in September 2004 first assignment on a documentory shoot since return to Germany on the freelance market besides the "Bavarian TV" works with a British camera crew in Swizerland

- subject: the "Bristol Sycamore" helicopter which was built in the late 50s and currently is the only one of its kind that still flies

- tasks: sound recordist on location and during the interview of the owner and pilot of the helicopter some German English translating

- purpose: three minutes of the shoot were implied in the half hour long documentary episode of "Classic British Aircraft" about the helicopter which was shown on a sub section of the "Discovery Channel"

- inititial TV broadcast: November 2004 on the digital TV-Channel "Discovery-Wings"