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Listing of own sound equipment available for standard video shoots

1x directional "boom"-mic "NTG-1" by Rhode >
1x directional "boom"-mic "416" by Sennheiser >
1x portable 3-channel-mixer "SD-302" by Sound Devices (including bag) >
1x modular mic-windshield by Rhycote >

(flexibly fits both "boom"-mics)

Edirol 4-track-SDHC-Flashcard-Recorder "R-44" with 2 Flashcard of 8 GigaByte each as well as the approriate audio-conection leads for cameras; recording sampling rates: 44,1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz, 192 kHz | audio resolutions: 16 Bits & 24 Bits, portable light equipment; phantom power for all 4 channel inputs provided and other features

1x spiral umbillical cord featuring 2x XLR-plugs each end and 1x minijack-plug (standard) 3x XLR-cable of 5m length each & 1x XLR-cable of 7m length
1x XLR-cable (short) of 3m legnth
1x light boom made of carbon fibre extendable to about 4m length
1x mic stand (small; table-stand)
1x "PZM" pressure zone mic "CM-550" by Mc Crypt with cable of 6m length
1x mic stand (tall; standard studiolike)
several various audio-connectors and adapters
2x monitoring headphone (wireless; radio-headph)
1x semi closed headphone set
1x "floater" for better / softer shock-sound relief of mics fitted on the boom
several light foam windshields for "boom"-mics
1x adapter for long lasting external mixer power supply via mini-DV-camera-batteries
several appropriate tools (just in case...)

as an offer:

The complete equipment listed above including the offered services on location may be booked as a bundled basis for negotiations / basic rate for Euros 260,- per day or in Pounds Sterling 185,- per day or in Dollars 330,- per day respectively*

If required an additional standard lav-radio-mic by Sony may also come available at NO extra charge.

* The above mentioned charge does not include the additional and applicable VAT and the entire rate may be negotiable within reason