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Radio Station Grove Carnival 107 FM

- in August 1996 involvement with the temporary comunity based radio station "Grove Carnival 107 FM" for one month in the run up and for the duration of the "Notting Hill Carnival" 1996

- tasks: the fluent sound technical processes around the station as a standby sound technician, creation of customized 'station IDs' 'news stabs' and 'jingles', "driving" the news live and technical introduction of the broadcasting mixing desk with all its functions to the numerous new DJs prior to their shifts

- met the widely aclaimed London DJ Paul Anthony Stewart a.k.a. "The incredible Master P" (see picture below), who remembers Claus' uncompromising commitment to the radio station back then and who by now has himself fouded another caribean radio station of his own a few years ago

- around that time production of new "sation ID-jingles" for this caribean radio station and just as done before during the London radio period personalized DJ jingles for "Master P" (some of which to be found in the "sound sample" section)