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"Only Human"

Location "Wax Bar" in London's "West End": Maciek Czajkowski setting up lights (background)
approx. 20 mins.
Super 16 mm (sound on DAT)
Production year (shoot)
Filip Firlej
Sound Assistant & Sound Design
Tim Höfer
Camera (DOP)
Maciek Czajkowski
Makeup Charlie Coxon
Locations London
Starring Tim Eagle, Nigel Winder, Nick Ewans
Sponsors Kodak (film stock) & Panavision (camera equipment)
Specials official world premier screening of the film was on October 22nd 2009 at the "Cine Lumiere" in London - South Kensington, where it generally was well received amongst various film critics

Nigel Winder almost finished by the makeup artist as "the personified death himself" on set
Original poster for the film (see Claus Zingler's Crew-United entry for a link to the film's trailer)
Briefing for the actors at the "Wax Bar" before rehearsal (fr.l.): director Filip Firlej, Tim Eagle, Nick Evans
Prior to rehearsal of scene: left Tim Höfer, centre below Maciek Czaijkowski, right Nigel Winder